Become an Agora Host

If you want to host an Agora in your city, please complete the form below. Taking this step means that you are driven by the higher purpose of creating a world with more happiness and less misery and suffering. Love it. 

What is an Agora? 


  1. (in ancient Greece) a public open space used for assemblies and markets.

At we believe in open space and polycentric interconnected systems, they tend to enhance innovation, learning, adaptation, trustworthiness, levels of cooperation of participants, and the achievement of more effective, equitable, and sustainable outcomes at multiple scales. 

Agoras will be the gatherings happening in multiple cities around the world, they can be tribes of 9 people learning heart to heart for a couple of hours while connected to the global virtual agora, to thousands of people events at a happiness fest contributing to the common view. Many of the Agoras will continue their activities after March 18-22. 

What is an Agora Host? 

Basically, change agents. Shapers, conscious leaders willing to realize a happier world by bringing together a diverse number of people, institutions, influencers, and activists. 

Your focus is to maximize the power of the tribe by holding space, by inviting individuals to share and learn to be. Welcome :-)


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Make sure that you have read and agreed with the Details about becoming an Agora Host. We can clarify and go deeper into all details during our conversation after your complete the form.

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Please be advised: Hosting a World Happiness Agora is a tremendous opportunity to create community and invoke a powerful happiness experience. It is NOT a place for you to promote your personal services.