How Artificial Intelligence Will Change Education Forever

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is already starting to reshape the world in many different areas. The applications of this seemingly futuristic technology are beginning to appear in many different industries and sectors of life.

However, AI is yet to start affecting education in a more significant way, but we are towards that. The use of AI in education will necessitate the development of soft skills as AI will aim to take over everything else.

How AI Will Affect Schools Worldwide

The education system is a strange beast today – the statistics are clear, literacy and knowledge on a global scale have never been better, but we all know that the system has been static for a long time now. What’s worse, for many it’s stressful, time-consuming, and borderline obnoxious from time to time.

It’s clear that the system brings nothing new, and barely cares for the happiness and well-being of students and teachers alike.

Many movements are aiming to change it in different ways, but none is yet able to reshape it the way that AI can and will.

How Can AI Do This?

  1. AI already can modify textbooks and make them more exciting and user-friendly. The aim is to completely immerse students with smart content and interactive and fun interfaces that could be tailored to each student individually. That has the potential to alter the way students learn entirely.

  2. To many, grading is an ancient method that can’t adequately show if the student has learned something. It only indicates higher familiarity with the subject matter, as low grades are enough to pass. The way to fix this is through mastery-based learning. AI can determine how good a student is with a specific subject, and advance them to higher levels when they master the current one. This way, a student will go through learning at their pace, while genuinely able to master each subject.

  3. On a more administrative level, AI can affect how schools operate and all the processes within them. It can only optimize and improve the entire system while allowing the administrative staff to focus on more important matters like the well-being of students and teachers.

  4. Many assume that AI will replace teachers, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. AI will take the load off, while teachers can focus on other important matters like the students’ well-being and other areas of their development.

Turning to Soft Skills

For those not aware, soft skills include all personal characteristics that allow people to interact more effectively with others and in a more harmonious way.

As AI will take over almost everything besides the need for soft human skills, people will have to use them more. That can only be a good thing as it will allow teachers and students alike to be happier and have a better experience in the entire education sector.

All in all, AI will not eliminate the teachers’ jobs, nor will it limit anyone in schools and beyond. It will only take over situations we don’t need to do and enable us to find ourselves in other ways and focus on the improvement of the entire human race.