The New Systems that Can Change Education for the Better

Changing education for the better is not a simple task that can be accomplished overnight. It can’t even be done in several years. Plus, we need new ways of thinking, new systems that can enable us to achieve such an enormous change.

This text is here to tell you that we might already be there. We already have two systems that might be the ones to change education and the world. If not that, they are indeed bringing us closer to a more finalized solution.

Theory U

Presencing Institute Theory U was built upon years and years of research from MIT. It teaches us the essential leadership traits needed to develop solutions to the world’s major environmental, social, and spiritual problems. The theory most notably shifts our egotistical way of thinking to a more eco-aware one.

With so many problems the world faces, systems like the Theory U are essential. Besides, it’s one of the best candidates for a system that can completely change education. And we need an improved education system that will create true leaders who will change the world.

That’s precisely what our world, filled with so many significant shortcomings, lacks – true leaders. The Theory U attempts to create them by developing in us the seven crucial leadership traits every leader capable of bringing about a change in the world needs:

  • Listening to others and oneself

  • True observing

  • Sensing with an open mind, heart, and will

  • Presencing – connecting with our inner selves

  • Crystallizing, or making everything clear to others

  • Prototyping, or creating new things

  • Co-evolving – the evolution of all of us is the only thing that matters

Exponentiality – The Exponential Primer

The Singularity University is another organization attempting to change the world, just like the Presencing Institute.

They are attempting to do it through the use of exponential technologies and an abundance mindset.

Many technologies today can be used to achieve a greater good, a better world for everyone, and that’s the primary goal of this organization. All of these technologies can be called exponential technologies as they are the ones that rapidly shape and improve many major industries and our lives. Technologies like:

  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Augmented reality

  • Virtual reality

  • Digital biology

  • Data science

  • Nanotechnology

  • Robotics

  • Medicine

All of these can be considered exponential technologies and sciences, and all of them can bring about a positive change to the world.

Additionally, the concepts of exponentiality also deal with exponential growth, something that many people fail to grasp because we humans often find it difficult to comprehend. But we are capable of it, especially with the use of exponential technologies.


The Theory U and the concept of Exponentiality are two central emerging systems that can help us change education and eventually change the world. We need to develop them further, but we also need new methods and more development.

What we chiefly need are more true leaders, those who can inspire, attract, and move people to action. Only then can we make the world a better and happier place for all of us.