Why It’s Important to Bring Mindfulness to Schools

Stress has become a natural part of our lives, especially in schools. Besides fear, poor practices and many other shortcomings plague the education system.

With such vast problems that disable our schools in bringing upon quality education while taking care of the students’ well-being, we need to make a drastic change.

One of the ways we can do that is by bringing mindfulness to schools and incorporating it into our education systems.

The Benefits of Mindfulness Solves Many Problems in Schools

The technique of mindfulness has been in use for a while now, in many places and spheres of life. Professionals explain that it improves our mental health, but also our physical health. In the end, the main benefit is the improvement of our overall well-being.

With mindfulness training, every human can live a much better and happier life. Additionally, practicing mindfulness is something that can quickly be learned as it’s all about accepting your negative experiences and emotions, instead of reacting in a dangerous and self-destructing manner to which we are prone.

Practicing mindfulness means practicing meditation, but it can also include psychotherapy and cognitive behavioral therapy. All share a common goal and can potentially help any person.

Mindfulness Can Be Vastly Beneficial in Schools as Well

With numerous such benefits and the ease of use, it’s only natural to include the technique in schools and education systems.

The Mindful Movement Program, developed by the Holistic Life Foundation is an excellent example of how mindfulness can work in schools and how it can benefit the children.

Instead of taking the children to detention rooms when they do something wrong, they attend a Mindful Moment Room. Here; they are encouraged to do mindfulness exercises like yoga, breathing, and meditation. Instead of being punished in a dark and bleak room, they do all of these simple exercises in a colorful place filled with beautiful artwork.

Suffice it to say; this practice has proven to be quite useful. Most children had no problems cooperating and doing the exercises. The Robert W. Coleman Elementary school in Baltimore that incorporated the practice had no suspensions in the entire 2016-2017 school year!

Many other movements are trying to incorporate mindfulness in schools, and another more notable one is the Inner Explorer Institute. It also encourages the use of simple daily mindfulness practices for children in schools which can reduce stress, anger, anxiety, and much more. The Institute has noted amazing results like higher grades, a decrease in stress levels of teachers and a vast decrease in the amount of misbehaving instances from the children’s side.

Should We Use Mindfulness in Schools?

The answer is yes, a resounding yes. It’s overly evident how many benefits mindfulness bring to schools, as like it does in the lives of adults practicing it.

In schools, besides correcting behavior and decreasing stress levels for everyone, mindfulness improves several other things in children:

  • Attention span

  • Emotional regulation

  • Compassion

  • Calmness

  • And much more

By bringing mindfulness to schools, we can improve the entire education system, and create happier children that will eventually grow up to be more comfortable and more successful adults.