Awakening the Dreamer – The Process of Rousing in a Volatile World

The world we live in is a volatile one. Even though these are probably the most peaceful times we ever had in the history of humanity, with the fewest impoverished people and a lot more that’s equally good, it’s still a volatile period.

It is still an age filled with a lot of problems that need to be taken care of – global warming, a massive gap between the rich and poor, and much more.

In a way, we live in both the best and the worst time, it all depends on how you look at it.

Whatever the fact may be, we do require people who will lead and who will do whatever they can to make the world a better and happier place for everyone.

Awakening the Dreamer

The Pachamama Alliance has a program that aims to do that. It’s called Awakening the Dreamer, and it seeks to explore all of these challenges that humanity has at the moment. It also aims to explore the opportunities we have that can help us create a better future for the entire world.

The program wants to awaken the dreamer within all of us, and turn us into the leaders who will change the world for the better.

We all have the potential to get ourselves into a position from which we can do our part to bring about an environmentally sustainable, spiritual, and fitting future for all of humanity.

The program came to be out of the need for changing our dominant culture that emphasizes consumption and alienation from each other. It arose from the need for moving us away from such a culture and getting us towards one that honors the life and aims to bring us all together because we are all one nation, one tribe – the tribe of humanity.

We All Need to Aim to Rouse Others to Follow

The program has a big task to complete, but it’s not alone. Many others can do the same. And many of you can also be the leaders you already are and use what you have to help out and inspire others.

If you’re not a leader already, aim to become one, but if you are, strive to be even better at what you do and use your business to change the world into a better place. Not all companies need to be responsible for the destruction of the world – a lot can work on doing the exact opposite!

You can always succeed in business by using the right means – by thinking holistically and acting personally. You need to be dynamic, flexible, and capable.

You need to have a real purpose, and you need to rouse others. The book Brands and Rousers talk about it, and it can inspire to have a real meaning – a goal that gets you to become the leader who will change the world into a better and happier place for everyone in it.

Do your part in this crucial fight that many are already in, because only if we all act together can we truly change the world.