How Self-Managed Workplaces Unleash Happier Leaders

In this article, we will talk about self-managed workplaces and their benefits for both the company and its leader.

Remember that such workplaces exist because they are efficient, and they enable their leaders to be happier. Additionally, such a system allows the employees to be more satisfied as well – precisely because they are allowed to manage themselves.

How Self-Managed Workplaces Operate and Why Are They Effective?

First of all, self-managed workplaces do not imply that a manager is no longer needed. On the contrary, leaders remain required – they merely have fewer duties which allows them to be better at their job of growing the company to ensure it remains successful.

The leader, if they want to make a self-managed system work, only needs to:

  • Make sure that the company is filled with happy employees who care about the organization and the work they do. They can be like that if you enable them to manage themselves.

  • Give an overall direction for a project and leave the rest to the employees. If you are confident that your employees can achieve their task with minimal oversight, then the self-management solution is already working well.

  • Remain interested in the project and get reports about its progress from time to time.

  • Stay open and approachable if the employees need anything – be that resources, or some additional clarifications.

This way, both the leaders and the employees get what they need and are enabled to be more productive and happier.

Benefits of Self-Managed Workplaces

We already established those self-managed workplaces, when they have conscientious workers along with open and approachable leaders, indeed work, and they do bring about overall happiness for everyone.

However, that’s not all. There are further benefits to such a revolutionary system.

Self-management enables the employees to be self-responsible and to start genuinely caring about the work they do. In a way, the leader is no longer the only person in the company who bears responsibilities for the success of the company – the others do too. It doesn’t make the employees overwhelmed, but to the contrary, it permits them to get truly invested in the work they do. They will care about the company and its development, and not be only a cog in a wheel.

Additionally, leaders gain something as well. They don’t lose their importance within the company – they are enabled to be the best versions of themselves and to be happy people. That, in turn, allows them to improve the company as a whole, and make sure that the entire organization is a team, with them still being at the helm. They are no longer the force that keeps everything together, they are an inspiration to others, and they are now finally true leaders who care for the wellbeing of their followers.


As you can see, self-managed workplaces matter and they enable companies to grow and become the best in their industries.

The same goes for their leaders and the employees, who can finally become happy people and the best versions of themselves.