How to Create a Happiness Program at Work

Many companies are seeing the benefits of having a Chief Happiness Officer and of making sure that happiness is one of the main things that needs to rule the office.

These companies are also aware that it’s necessary to have a program at work that will act as a sort of guideline on making sure that happiness is at the highest possible level among the entire workforce.

For that very reason, we decided to give all of you leaders some tips on how to create your very own plan for your company.

Hire a CHO

The first step for a successful happiness program is to hire a person who will become the CHO in your company. You can also create a team around that person as well. Their task will be to develop a program that will take into account the mission, values, and goals of the company.

That’s all necessary because this design cannot work if it’s not made for your company specifically.

Make Sure to Praise and Recognize Your Employees

A happiness program cannot be successful unless the leader of the organization makes sure to recognize their employees’ efforts.

If you want your employees to be contented and thus more productive, you need to recognize when they do something that benefits the company. You need to praise their effort as often as possible.

All of that will have an overwhelming effect on the happiness of employees. It will also make them stay in the company for a very long time.

A Happiness Program Should Include an Individual Development Plan

For this to succeed, it needs to be not only about overall happiness but about individual satisfaction as well. To that, you need to have an Individual Development Plan that assists each employee in their personal and career development.

These plans will help each employee to develop their short and long-term goals. It will also enable you to see each person’s strengths and areas where they can improve. It can only lead to more productivity as well as happiness at work.

Work-Life Balance Should Be Among the Priorities

The work-life balance is an essential part of every happiness program, and that needs to be emphasized. It’s all because, without this balance, there can be no increased productivity nor happiness.

Even employees who work a lot and are seemingly content – aren’t, because they lack this balance. Many people manage to omit it as they don’t see a problem in working a lot, but the reality is that this lack of free time will eventually catch up with them and leave them unable to be productive.

That’s precisely why the work-life balance needs to be a priority.

The Bottom Line

Creating a happiness program is not something that you need to a specific set of rules which you follow. It’s only about worrying about what matters in making sure that the wellbeing and happiness of employees are at the highest possible level.

Once you have that in mind, a happiness program will form itself.