Loneliness and the importance of belonging

You Belong Here

Loneliness is the plague of the modern world. It leads to less happiness in every human being. Being humans, we strive to belong; we strive to be a part of something. We are eager to be connected to others. There are those who think that they are better off by themselves, but that can never be the case.

Staying isolated can never achieve anything. It is the first thing that every leader should know because a leader’s primary motivation should always be their people. No matter what kind of a leader you are, your people should be your top priority. The value they give to you and your movement/business/brand cannot be measured. Everything else comes on its own after acknowledging your peoples’ value to you.

Loneliness destroys happiness

The modern world is supposed to connect us with all of its wonders of technology, but we still often feel isolated or are led to choose to be isolated.

However, by doing that we can only feel lonely, which will eventually lead to less happiness. Everyone should realize that connectedness and a sense of belonging can only lead to improvements in life. As Radha Agrawal points out through her book Belong – through connectedness, we can only be happier and feel a sense of fulfillment. All of this will eventually lead to success.

By finding your people, creating a community, you can live a more fulfilled and happier life. That is the critical thing every leader should know because as a leader, your responsibility is to your people. By being a part of them, by belonging, you can only feel happier and thus lead to a better life yourself, which in turn will lead you to success.

Belonging and curing loneliness

As was pointed out in numerous studies, loneliness can lead to several mental health issues and disorders, which is why everyone who feels lonely, needs to work on changing it.

Many ways can help a person to cure loneliness, but the key is to belong. The sense of belonging on its own can achieve wonders and lead to happiness. It can be the case for every person.

Many psychologists would suggest this because it is a proven fact that through a sense of connectedness to other people, one can feel better and lead a happier life.

Loneliness can be cured with the help from others, with the help of professionals who truly know how to approach the subject. There are those who know that healing and growth can be achieved by integrating the mind, emotions, body, and spirit. They know that a different approach to the rigid ones used by many psychologists can give fewer results.

Mavis Tsai, Ph.D., is one of those who proves that an interpersonal style can give more results. She and many others know that through human connections, everything can be achieved.

Through connectedness and belonging, a leader, and everyone else can achieve anything.  Because belonging will lead you to happiness, and happiness is everything, it can lead us to more progress and less misery for the entire world.