The Ultimate Model for Happiness at Work

The lack of happiness at work has been stressing many leaders and workers alike. It’s quite hard finding a way to make people happy while they work when they view work itself as a problem.

First of all, it’s worth noting that happiness at work is the essential mission every leader should have if they want their organization or company to succeed. Research shows that most millennials agree that happiness is vital at work, and the next generation is also of a similar opinion. With such a change in the way of thinking of the majority of the world, leaders need to adjust.

Thinking about the happiness of your people is not vital only because they believe it is, it’s crucial because it is a proven fact that happiness at work leads to more productivity. More importantly, happiness in itself is something that every leader should strive towards, for both themselves and the people who follow.

With several models for achieving happiness at work already in existence and not enough happiness, we have found that a new model is necessary – the ultimate model for happiness at work.

How does the new model work?

First of all, the new model presupposes the existence of another role at the office – the Chief Reason Officer, or the CRO. Companies have many officers, but they all worry about anything but the happiness of the employees.

The CRO’s central role will be exactly that – the happiness. They will do it by reminding every other officer and the company itself, about their mission, goals, and the core values the entire company has.

Implementing this new role in the workplace will be hard, as it implies much change, but nothing amazing has ever come without significant changes.

Now, the new model and the implementation of the role of a CRO implies the six techniques from the holistic system that leads towards a better and more successful business. The six techniques are described in Luis Gallardo’s book Brands and Rousers. These six methods are called the 6 R’s: Reason, Revenue, Rouser, Relationships, Resilience, and Reputation.

Each R is necessary to bring about more happiness at work, more productivity, and ultimately – more success for the entire company.

The first two Rs go hand in hand – Reason, and Revenue. Your company needs to have a purpose, a Reason for being. To do that, it needs to know its value, the value that is equal to its Revenue.

Bringing about happiness implies the existence of meaningful Relationships at work. Every leader needs to know that their people matter the most, and by being kind to them, and Rousing them, they will end up feeling more fulfilled and happier.

Furthermore, Resilience needs to be found among the people or instilled. Only through resilience can the entire company succeed and move forward, which can bring more happiness.

A successful brand, the company’s Reputation, instills pride in the workforce, in your people. Science has already pointed out that people crave meaning, they don’t need incentives to do great work. If they have sense, a purpose, just like their company, they will feel pride, and ultimately, they will be happy at work.