What Do Chief Happiness Officers Do?

Happiness matters; both in regular life, as well as in the workplace. What’s more, some would argue that happiness matters the most. Nothing can be more accurate than that.

Companies which firmly believe this to be true have taken steps to improve the happiness among their workforce. One of the ways to do that is to hire a Chief Happiness Officer or a CHO.

What is a CHO?

A Chief Happiness Officer is a person whose primary role in a company is to worry about the happiness of everyone in it.

A CHO is essentially an HR Manager with an additional qualification. It revolves around their belief that happy employees are better employees.

Some might think that this is a ridiculous position (it’s been given worse descriptions than that), but we would argue that it’s an essential position every company should have.

Why? Because there’s nothing more important in business than contentment.

Happiness leads to everything else that a company needs:

  • Better working conditions

  • Better cooperation

  • More productive workforce

  • Higher revenues

The benefits cannot be underestimated. They are all more than real because jubilant workers will always be miles ahead of unhappy ones.

It all starts with happiness in the workplace, which is what a CHO role is all about.

Why do Companies Have CHO?

For all the reasons we already mentioned and much more – that’s precisely why an overwhelming number of companies is hiring a CHO. And you should too. If you want your company to be more successful – and if you’re a leader, you certainly do – than it’s essential for you to create this increasingly popular position in your organization.

From the fact that a CHO can improve the working conditions and relations between people in the company, all the way to paving the road towards higher earnings, he or she can do a lot more.

By increasing the overall happiness of employees, a CHO improves even areas that have nothing to do with their role. And that’s where the benefit of having a CHO prevails. A company with a CHO acknowledges that their work will benefit the entire organization in many of its areas. Because, once again, a happy employee is a finer employee.

Many companies hire CHOs and get them to do different tasks, all of which are oriented towards creating a happier working environment.

The CHOs use many tactics to improve overall happiness:

  • They offer employees freedom in a lot of what they do

  • They make sure that every employee has a voice and that everyone is heard

  • They make sure that each employee is valued

  • They enable everyone to benefit the company in their way

  • They instill the company’s brand, voice, and mission into every employee to make sure that everyone has the same goal – the improvement of the company they work for

Final Thoughts

CHOs are proving over and over again that happiness is the exact missing ingredient in every company that’s struggling to succeed both internally – by creating a great working environment that exudes success – and externally – by improving the overall profits.

Only with happiness will you have a successful and influential company.