Why Conscious Leadership is the Key to Making All Systems Work

Conscious Leadership

With the 1st World Happiness Agora fast approaching, we realize more and more why conscious leadership is crucial to aligning all our efforts. Conscious leadership is needed to help unite our actions to create a happier and more peaceful world.

From March 18th to the 22nd, 2019, scientists, founders, artists, business leaders, researchers and activists will share their brightest ideas about the future of happiness, about the way we can realize a thriving future, for all.

What is Conscious Leadership?

Conscious leadership means connecting with a higher purpose, a vision, and a mission that looks beyond profit -- towards the service of others. Conscious leadership seeks to answer the ‘why’ before acting on the ‘how.’ Because the leaders have heightened self-awareness, they are in touch with their purpose and passions.

The conscious leader is emotionally intelligent and has a keen understanding of their thoughts; because they are in tune with their emotions, they are in control of their responses and actions and how they affect others.

The Importance of Conscious Awareness in Leadership

Consciousness has intrigued both philosophers and scientists for many years. They aim to explore how one’s physical, psychological, cultural, and social attributes contribute to conscious awareness.

Conscious awareness is a powerful tool for leadership. It refers to the ability to be aware of your capabilities, possibilities, and accountabilities. It means being aware of your surrounding reality so that you may live consciously, attentively, and perceptively.

To achieve the goals of the World Happiness Agora, conscious leaders need to help promote the vision, nurturing and supporting it to become a reality. They will inspire and engage others to move together in the same direction.

The conscious leader recognizes the existence of a higher purpose and therefore, ensure their actions and activities align with their goals. They stay on their path so that others who are inspired to follow - stay motivated. It doesn’t demand to save the world but rather, being your most authentic self to inspire others to do the same. It is because conscious leadership is inclusive; it drives a culture that that encourages others also to become leaders.

Happiness and Conscious Leadership

At , we believe that we all have the responsibility of inspiring others. Rising consciousness is one of our key goals at bē, and that's why we focus on helping you awaken. We help you understand the whole being and the interconnections to maximize your positive impact in the world. To realize a world with less loneliness requires awareness, courage, and love. And that’s why we invite and welcome the world’s conscious leaders to the World Happiness Virtual Agora.

Are you a conscious leader? Do you want to host an Agora in your city, while having access to the global network? Contact us.