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Healthcare Improvement through Happiness

Healthcare already works for the betterment of humankind; its goal is to improve and extend the lives of all humans. However, the problem in healthcare today lies significantly in the way it uses the resources it has available.

Both the amount of resources and how they are used is essential.

The 2019 Global Happiness and Wellbeing Policy Report has prepared several recommendations on how to improve healthcare through the lens of happiness.

Recommendation 1 – A Well-Defined Framework for Healthcare Appraisal

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How Do We Manage and Recover from Addiction?

Addictions and bad habits are a tricky beast – they are often tough to overcome. Yes, drug addiction is undoubtedly the worst, but that’s not the only form of addiction.

It comes in many shapes and forms, and there are a lot of things in life that can be considered addictive.

We all need a lot of willpower to overcome a bad habit or an addiction. However, there are ways to do it, and here we talk about the best method for managing and recovering from addiction – mindfulness.

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Wellness and Aging – The future of humanity is here

The modern age has done a lot for our living standards and our health. The last couple of decades have brought more positive changes to our health than any other periods in history combined.

We’ve dominated many terrible diseases. We’ve learned a lot about our brain and mental issues. Many things about our bodies and minds were stigmatized and discarded. We have changed, and we are no longer doing this which is resulting in greater lifespans.

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