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How Transformative Technology Improves Our Happiness

There are plenty of ways in which many leaders among us try to improve happiness on a broader level. But only through tech can we truly revolutionize this effort, and that’s precisely what transformative technologies are trying to achieve.

In this article, we’ll explain what these are and how they are transforming the world and increasing happiness.

What Are Transformative Technologies?

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The Future of Education

In a long series of articles, we’ve discussed education, the best models to use, how to improve the well-being of everyone involved, and overall, how the future of education should look.

With this article, we aim to give an overview of all the key points we talked about and show you the underlying themes of well-being, mindfulness, and happiness in all of them. These are the concepts in which we fully believe and wish for the world to implement in their education systems, as well as beyond. Only through happiness for all can we hope to create a better world for humanity.

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How Artificial Intelligence Will Change Education Forever

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is already starting to reshape the world in many different areas. The applications of this seemingly futuristic technology are beginning to appear in many different industries and sectors of life.

However, AI is yet to start affecting education in a more significant way, but we are towards that. The use of AI in education will necessitate the development of soft skills as AI will aim to take over everything else.

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