John Helliwell

Canadian economist and editor of the World Happiness Report. He is a Senior Fellow of the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research (CIFAR) and Co-Director of the CIFAR Programme on Social Interactions, Identity, and Well-Being; Board Director of the International Positive Psychology Association, and Professor Emeritus of Economics at the University of British Columbia.

Helliwell's early research heavily focused on developing national and global econometric models for studying national economies and their international linkages, including integrating energy considerations into models, for the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), Bank of Canada, the Reserve Bank of Australia, the Reserve Bank of New Zealand


happiness economics

The economics of happiness or happiness economics is the quantitative and theoretical study of happiness, positive and negative affect, well-being, quality of life, life satisfaction and related concepts, typically combining economics with other fields such as psychology, health and sociology.

global happiness policy report

The Global Happiness Policy Report is produced by the Global Happiness Council (GHC) and contains papers by expert working groups on happiness for good governance. This report provides evidence and policy recommendations on best practices to promote happiness and well-being.

World happiness report

The World Happiness Report is a landmark survey of the state of global happiness. The World Happiness Report 2018, which ranks 156 countries by their happiness levels, and 117 countries by the happiness of their immigrants, is launched on March 20th, celebrating International Day of Happiness at the United Nations.