World Happiness Agora - Switzerland - Basel

World Happiness Agora - Switzerland - Basel


In general, people in Switzerland are more satisfied with their lives than the OECD average. When asked to rate their general satisfaction with life on a scale from 0 to 10, Swiss people gave it a 7.5 grade on averagemuch higher than the OECDaverage of 6.5.

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Historically, Basel's position astride the mighty Rhine has contributed to its growth as a key trade and transport hub. Today, it's a global centre for the pharmaceutical industry – titans Roche and Novartis are both headquartered here. But that's of little interest to the many thousands of art and architecture lovers who visit each year for the world-famous ART Basel festival and the city's wealth of galleries, museums and iconic buildings.

Basel's position at the juncture of the French, German and Swiss borders adds to its multicultural appeal, and it's perhaps the place where Switzerland's Franco-Germanic roots are most evident, although the dominant language spoken is Swiss-German.

It's easy to spend a day wandering the cobbled streets of the lofty and beautiful Altstadt in Grossbasel (Greater Basel) on the Rhine's south bank before crossing the Mittlere Brücke to Kleinbasel (Little Basel) for a more 'everyday' vibe and riverside alfresco dining.

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Rebecca Roberts - World Happiness Agora Host - Basel

Rebecca Roberts - World Happiness Agora Host - Basel

rebecca roberts

Rebecca’s work focuses on fully integrated and aligned living through fearless exploration and play. She works with teams and individuals to see fear not as something to be avoided, but as a guidepost and support for where to begin exploring for freedom and expansion.

Her passion and curiosity for exploration provides the fuel for living and traveling around the world. Her approach to life is one of lightness and play coupled with clarity and direct communication. She brings this same approach into her coaching, workshops and retreats to create dynamic space for people to step into freedom and happiness.

Her background as an interior architect and workplace design strategist adds extra dimension and depth to her coaching work through the role of Spacemaker. She understands the value of creating space in order to reveal surprising new perspectives and initiate deep transformation. This same principle applies to working with groups and individuals – creating space for life allows room to connect the dots, bring things into focus and still leave room to dance in the moment.