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Become the leader that you want to be

Welcome to the future of leadership. Joy, happiness, peace and compassion will be your weapons, and mindfulness and intuition your guide. 

Your intelligence will have an IQ (Intellect), an EQ (Emotion) and a LQ (Love)

Get fully ready to lead in a world that needs you. This is your secure base with game changers and dreamers that are making a positive impact @work @school @government. 

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Build your awareness 

It is not as about having your mind full but having a full understanding and perspective of what is really going on

You'll learn the latest techniques in mindfulness and how to apply them with your team and your organization. Fully. 

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understand "new paradigm" management frameworks 

GNH (Gross National Happiness) became the new paradigm for the 4th King of Bhutan when he decided to rule his country measuring the overall happiness of the citizens. Today we need new global paradigms and frameworks that help us navigate uncertainty.

You'll get those frameworks and go deep into their implementation. 

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master all your intelligences

Business is personal and the world we live in too. We miss an opportunity every time that we do not recognize our emotions or those from our colleagues, clients or partners.

You'll map out emotions and more. Knowing who you are. 


get ready to create communities that matter

Relationships matter and we need to belong. Meaningful connections and communities are the antidote for loneliness and despair, strong communities change the world.

You are going to get all the secrets to create your tribe, to accelerate pride in your organization, your believes and the positive impact at large.  

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learn how to thrive

Flow describes these moments of total absorption, when we become so focused on the task at hand that everything else falls away. Action and awareness merge. Time flies. Self vanishes. All aspects of performance —mental and physical — go through the roof.

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take action understanding system dynamics and how decisions are made

Life is a system. We all are interconnected and interdependent. Wise decisions can only be based on feeling, seeing those connections and taking them into account.

You'll finally learn how life works. Why we need a why and how singularity defines the future today.  

Learning Surrounded by nature


nature will boost your learning

The Campus Rodrigo Carazo, University for Peace (UPEACE) is located 30Km Southwest of San José, within a natural reserve composed of a secondary forest and the last remnant of primary forest (200 ha) in the Central Valleyof Costa Rica.

The park and the campus are within the protected zone of El Rodeo, which is part of the Mora County (Municipality). UPEACE covers about the 2% of the Mora landscape; hence this protected area is rich in fauna. It shelters mammals such as monkeys and deer, reptiles, and over 300 species of birds, as well as approximately 100 varieties of trees. The University´s installation and protected area make up 303 hectares.


Your guides

A multinational team of thought provokers, facilitaros and space holders that enable transformation and unlock your full potential.

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Luis Gallardo

Social innovator, founder & president of bē, the World Happiness Fest and World Happiness Agora. Author of the book Brands and Rousers: The Holistic System to Foster High-Performing Businesses, Brands and Careers. Luis has been advisor to Nobel Laureates, founders, CEOs and presidents of government on legacy building, happiness and social impact. 

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Mohit muhkerjee

Director of the UPEACE Centre for Executive and Professional Education and a faculty member at UPEACE. Mohit is an educator-entrepreneur and an avid player in the field of social entrepreneurship. He has lived and worked in three continents holding leadership roles in the private sector, in nonprofit organizations, and universities.

raj raghunatan

Professor of marketing at the McCombs School of Business, the University of Texas at Austin. Raj’s work juxtaposes theories from psychology, behavioral sciences, decision theory and marketing to document and explain interrelationships between affect and consumption behavior. Author of the book: If Your So Smart, Why Aren’t You Happy? 


Achim Nowack

Executive coach, lecturer of TEDx, Mastermind organizer and an international authority in personal presence.

Founder of Influens, in 2004, an international training and coaching firm that helps leaders at all organizational levels to show themselves more boldly and be more influential. It also supports executives and entrepreneurs of the Fortune 500 all around the world to get a deep connection with others and with themselves.

mavis tsai

Scientific researcher, clinical psychologist in independent practice and director of the FAP Speciality Clinic within the the Psychological Services and Training Center at the University of Washington, where she is dedicated to teaching and research. 

Mavis trains volunteers on five continents to launch Live Meet with Awareness, Courage and Love Meetups, a global network of open change seekers who strive to meet life challenges through a deeper interpersonal connection that allows them to live more faithfully to themselves. 

edith Shiro.jpg

Edith shiro

She is a licensed clinical psychologist with a private practice in Miami, Florida, further specializing in Family Therapy from the Ackerman Institute and in International Trauma Studies from New York University. Edith has worked extensively with immigration and acculturation issues, as well as with refugees and torture survivors facilitating their resilience, emotional and spiritual growth.


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